5 Mobile Apps Every Product Owner Should Use

My last essay was all about Unbundling Your Product Roadmap Like a Supple Leopard. As a Product Owner, using Post-its and markers as tools to illustrate ideas is a great way to create your product roadmap. Especially when you and your team are working on your next awesome feature.

Once you’ve gone through your roadmapping, the next step is to digitize that work. Digital versions will provide a more refined outcome. You would most likely use this for presentation decks. Also, it would be great to post your work in a centralized place. Your team will love you for it!

Here are the 5 common apps I use when converting paper work to digital:

NotesApple Notes icon

Apple’s Notes app is my go-to. I use my pages as logs which contain a stream of consciousness.  When working on a new product idea with a client, I always create a new page for the idea. I then continue to paste and write notes based on research and conversations.

The most intuitive part of Notes is its synchronization with my tablet, laptop and phone. This makes it convenient to access my content when switching between devices.


MindNode makes mind mapping easy. Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas. It starts with a centralized thought and expands from there.

This tool is simple to use and is good for converting your  impact mapping work. I’ve also noticed understanding an impact map is easier in this format.

Journeys by Universal MindJourney by Universal Mind

Journey maps can reveal integral first-hand information about customer interactions.

Journeys is the only optimal journey mapping app on the market. I believe it is good for its purpose. You can build your timeline which should include your users’ tasks, thoughts, and emotions. There are simpler ways to building a journey map.

CanvasModel DesignCanvas Model Design

The Canvas Model Design is a tool for entrepreneurs. It enables you to draw your new business model in an intuitive way.

It’s pretty straight forward. Sketch your model by adding the stickies to the relevant section. You can change sticky colors and add more layers of notes.


In general, Trello is a great tool for managing your projects and tasks. Most people use it for facilitating short to long-term initiatives.

It’s simple to use and can work well when porting your roadmap to the digital world. Most people find it easy to understand.

Anthony Cintron
Leveraging my Brooklyn bred tenacity, I have built and supported several startups for 15 years. I'm most notably known for being the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Take the Interview, a digital interviewing startup located in the heart of NYC and Belgrade, Serbia. I've also had the privilege of consulting for companies such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Young & Rubicam and Arnold Worldwide.

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