How Marketing Can Improve Your Product Delivery

How Marketing Can Improve Product Delivery

Today’s guest is Laura Roeder, Founder and CEO of Social media management system Meet Edgar allows you to track and schedule updates so your tweets and likes never disappear again! Throughout her career, Laura worked as a marketing aficionado creating online courses, trainings and consulting in the online marketing space.

Some of the topics we spoke of in this episode include:

  • Key components that contributed towards rapid growth at MeetEdgar.
  • Roadblocks experienced while validating a product/market fit.
  • Marketing tactics for startups looking to build an audience before they launch their product.
  • Struggles encountered while building the product from the ground up.

I present to you, the woman herself… Laura Roeder!

Questions asked throughout the episode:

1:27 How did MeetEdgar get started?

4:37 What was your first big struggle in building the product from the ground up?

6:42 What are the main components that contributed to the rapid growth of MeetEdgar?

8:32 What are some strategic ways you’ve retained MeetEdgar clients on a month-to-month basis?

11:03 What are some of the roadblock that you experienced while validating a product/market fit?

14:25 What are some tactics or strategic advice you’d provide to founders seeking to build an audience before they launch?

17:44 How do you create a culture within your startup when everyone on the team is working remotely?  

19:41 – What’s the one thing you do in the morning that sets the tone for the day?

More on Laura can be found via the links below:

Twitter: @lkr



Joe Gilani
Joe Gilani (Co-Founder at Untangl) is a New York City native, networking enthusiast with a corporate sales background in the professional sports industry and a strong passion for making a profound impact in other people’s lives. He is incessantly hosting monthly meet ups or networking around the city, building relationships and strategically partnering with forward-thinking people. Together, we will leave the world a better place than how we found it.


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