Strategies For Validating Your Product Idea

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Today’s guest is Co-Founder and President of RokoLabs, Amy Kadomatsu! She’s an entrepreneur with multiple successful startups exits and senior positions at a Fortune 500 firm. Amy is a dynamic executive and general manager with expertise in business development, product strategy, and developing new businesses. Her passion for customer experience and building companies have been key components to her success.

Topics we spoke of in this episode include:

  • Advice on validating a product before development
  • Lessons on prioritizing team decisions and actions
  • Marketing methods used to gain early stage traction
  • Healthy habits for startup entrepreneurs

I present to you, the woman herself… Amy Kadomatsu!

Questions asked throughout the episode:

0:24 – Please tell us about your background and how you got to where you are now.

1:47 – How did RokoLabs get started?

4:16 – Within the first 6 months of business, what kind of decisions or series of actions did your founding team make that made a positive impact towards the success of the product today?

5:30 – How did the team discover the market need or at least enough validation to continue investing time into development the product?

7:03 – What type of marketing methods did Rokolabs use to gain traction early?

10:45 – Tell us about some of the initiatives the team at RokoLabs is currently work on.

13:09 – How do you transition from startup mode to getting ready for an initial investment or acquisition?

17:41 – What was the reasoning behind not building a salesforce initially?

22:27 – What’s the one thing that you do in the morning that sets the tone for the day?

More on Amy can be found via the links below:

Twitter: @amyk1313



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